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Your daily dose of graffiti, murals and urban art.

Before leaving the UK, Borondo had the opportunity to work his magic on a boat somewhere along River Lee in East London.
The talented Spanish artist painted the roof with a signature image showing his remix of the iconic “Ophelia” painting by John Everett Millais. This piece was painted in collaboration with Carmen Maín.

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Fine artist Brendan Monroe recently discovered his passion for painting large murals, and the other day he finished this abstract piece for Converse’s Wall to Wall project in Berkeley.

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Franco Fasoli better known as JAZ recently stopped by Racale in Italy where he was invited to paint for the ViaVai Street Art Project.
The Argentinean muralist dropped this massive new piece which is entitled “Norte Sur”. Through blending unconventional materials such as asphaltic paint and petrol, Jaz developed artistic techniques which enabled him to paint murals which resemble delicate watercolour paintings.

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Invader has been busy this week on the streets of Paris in France with a small series of new mosaic pieces.

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After several months of development and beta-testing, Paris-based Invader just released his new iOS app entitled “FlashInvaders”. With “FlashInvaders”, you will be able to track down Invader’s mosaics, flash them, score points and compete with other players on your social medias. All your authenticated photos will also be sent to Invader’s website and accessible by other players. 
"FlashInvaders" for iOS app works worldwide and it can now be downloaded for Free on Apple’s Appstore

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Preview: Fintan Magee & Askew One “Oceanic” Pop-Up Exhibition @ London’s RexRomae

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Preview: Fintan Magee & Askew One “Oceanic” Pop-Up Exhibition @ London’s RexRomae

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Ludo - Paris, France

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JAZ is currently in Austria where he just finished working on this massive new mural somewhere on the streets of Graz.
Invited by the good lads from Inoperable Gallery, the South American muralist painted this fantastic and impressive piece which is entitled “The Weight Of History”.

Icy & Sot are now in Chicago where they were invited to paint by WAT-AAH!.